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Greetings from the 7th Busan Global Water Forum

We would like to invite you to the 7th Busan Global Water Forum, which is hosted by Busan city and is co-organized by Water and Future City Institute, International Water Association (IWA), Busan Water Authority, Busan Environmental Corporation, Private and Public Organization for Busan River Restoration, and Korea Network for River and Watershed.

Busan Global Water Forum is a follow-up event of 2012 IWA World Water Congress, which was held in Busan. Since 2013, the forum has been held every year as an IWA event, jointly with Environment & Energy Tech Exhibition of Busan city. The 7th Busan Global Water Forum will be held between September 18 and 19, 2019 in BEXCO under the theme of “How to design Smart Water City?”

Last year ‘Eco delta city of Busan’ and ‘Fifth zone of life of Sejong City’ were selected as the pilot sites for the national smart city project. Busan city is planning to build a 'Smart Water City,' which is specialized in 'Water' in the Nakdong river estuary by applying a smart management system based on the 4th industrial revolution in the entire water cycle management including rainfall and river management, securing drinking water sources, sewage treatment and water reuse, and securing waterfront and sound ecosystem.

The forum this year will present current global issues and successful cases on smart water city, encompass topics on how to build smart water cities in Korea, and highlight leading-edge smart water city technologies from industry. We expanded co-organizers which include Busan Water Authority, Busan Environmental Corporation, and Non-governmental organizations. This will further motivate lively and constructive discussions. The forum will consist of twenty sessions that will be co-organized by institutions such as IWA, K-water, Busan Water Authority, Busan Environmental Corporation, non-governmental organizations, academia, and industry, and a student poster session.

As an event held in Busan, which is a ‘smart water city’ along the Nakdong river, the 7th Busan Global Forum will lay a foundation for designing future smart water cities through passionate discussions and exchanges for two days. We hope you will have opportunities to broaden your understandings on smart water city and smart water management, and share your ideas on water with your colleagues. We look forward to your active participation.

Thank you.

Taeho Lee
President of the Water and Future City Institute

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